What are the reasons for reddit server down?

These days you are totally relied on the internet and we can simply say that internet is the second mother for all the humans. As with it, you can do anything that you would know to do before itself or something in which you are completely new. You can attain success in whatever thing you are begun to perform with the help of internet.

 reasons for reddit server down

Today, people regardless of their age are using smart phones and internet is the one which offers life to those phones. They can connect with others using several websites and reddit is one among them and is used to unite more people. In this application, an individual can vote on the opinion of others and thus one can know how people are viewing an issue.

You might have come across the server down in your reddit application but you may not know the reason for why is reddit down. The following are a few things for you so that you can know the real reasons for this happening.

  • Overload – the first reason for the server to breakdown is due to the number of users. Each server has a capacity to serve its clients and if the number of clients exceeds the threshold, the server can hold the services. In other words a server cannot bear the load of clients and it will eventually break down.
  • Shedding load – Each clients of the website is using it for different purposes and the usage of some clients is limited and others use them heavily. The server cannot offer imbalance load to the clients and when someone asks for more loads, his request will be rejected.
  • Retry – A client does not know whether the particular is not working only for him or for all others using it. He used to start reloading the page but how many times he reloads, he cannot get the page and it cannot be reloaded by the server.
  • Bad dependency – Sometimes a sever goes down and it is because of the fact that its dependencies are not working. If the input or output system fails to work in that application or server, then the requests from the clients will be piled up. When there are more requests to process, the server may get overload and stops working.

So, next time when you would come cross this situation, you would have known the reasons for this occurrence.