Wooden Train Locomotive – Best Gift for Wooden Train Enthusiasts

If a person for whom you’re shopping is a fan of the wooden train, then wooden train locomotive from UGears is one you should consider. It is a wooden train kit with tinder and it got inspiration from the 19th-century steam engine.

 In fact, the model is a perfect present to enjoy the period of steam power. It is powered by a high-quality rubber-band motor and it comes with an ingenious system of apparently functioning asynchronous values and pistons connected to drive wheels via moving linkages and rods that makes an elegant instance of steam engine’s operations.

The wooden steam locomotive from UGears is one of the most popular items that come with real-life details, for instance,

  • Fully equipped engineer’s cab along with retractable step ladder
  • Art-deco boiler trim
  • Tender along with functioning doors.

It is UGears largest and very complex wooden model ever designed. But, you can easily assemble it as the model comes with detailed instructions that help you assemble it in a single session.

The working of UGears steam locomotive is quite simple and easy to understand, even though it is one of the most complicated mechanical models in the series of mechanical vehicles.

You can take help from the instruction manual. Every step is illustrated in 3-d colored pictures by detailed and clear written directions. When you or a person to whom you give it discover fun while assembling the model. The best thing is that each component of wooden locomotives moves and is fully functional. In other words, all components inside the model provide real-life motion.

With UGears mechanical mode, you will get access to following benefits –

  • Free shipping –

They provide free standard shipping on online purchases that are shipped within the US. If you make an online purchase, then your item will reach at your doorsteps within 2 – 5 business days.

  • 1-year warranty –

UGears provide their customers with a one-year component replacement warranty for all of their mechanical models, which include wooden train locomotive. If somehow any part of the model gets damaged, then they will replace the broken part with the fully-functioning part at no cost.

  • 30-days money-back guarantee –

With their 30-day money-back guarantee, you will get some time to ensure that your purchase is worth. If you don’t feel satisfied and happy with the item, then you can simply return your purchased item within 30 days for a full refund or you can ask for an exchange.

  • Packaging and gift orders

They are happy to wrap or pack your purchase so that you can give to your special one as a gift at $4.95 cost only. Their exclusive gift package service comes with personalized message card at no extra cost.

  • Customer care

They are dedicated to serving their customers with the best customer service. If you any doubts regarding your online purchase, then you can contact their customer care team.

If your special one birthday is coming and he/she is a wooden train enthusiast, then it’s the right time to buy wooden train locomotive from UGears today.