History, Cost, Speciality of Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds have become fashionable both for men and women. Popularity and its appearance made black diamond jewelry in demand and top fashion stories as modern jewelry design. They are black and opaque materials but not matte. Their luster is beautiful. Because of its exotic and unusual appearance makes this elite diamond beautifying the other glamorous divas of Hollywood. Black diamond always came rumoring as the Red carpet fashion.

History of black diamonds

They were used for industrial purposes on drilling heads. Because of its hardness and less heavy behavior, it is used for cutting the glass. The sharply designed nip of the diamond gives a clean and sharp cut on the glass.

What is special about black diamonds?

They are called fancy diamonds, much less common than white or colorless diamonds. GIA color scale for white diamonds (D-Z range). Diamonds in this color range usually decrease in the value the more colors they show. D shows the colorless diamond, and Z shows the yellow diamonds.

Diamonds beyond the color grade Z are called fancy cooler diamonds. Here the opposite is true: the value usually increases the more obvious the color becomes. Only 1 in 10000 diamonds has a fancy color.

The black color originates from small clouds and different mineral inclusions like graphite. Fracture and cleavages within the stone turned black due to graphitization – while all the stone’s base colors may range from nearly colorless to yellowish and brownish.

The concentration of these inclusions makes the diamond opaque and gives it a distinct and unique luster. If you have never seen the black diamond and its luster, look at your Smartphone screen luster. The appearance is quite similar. The amount of inclusions makes the cut and polish process of the stone more difficult. Simultaneously, special attention is needed when it comes to caring and cleaning – fractures and cleavages make diamonds leas stable hence it is t recommended not to use ultrasonic baths or hot steam for cleaning.

Black Diamond Jewelry

Grading and certification

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not issue the usual fancy diamonds certificates for black diamonds. Due to many inclusions:

  • Black diamonds fall out of the clarity grading scale.
  • It contrasts all the fancy colors like blue or yellow.
  • No detailed color definition that would include saturation and overtone.

Instead, the term fancy black is used for black diamond’s GIA issues a “colored diamonds identification and origin report.”


Because of its specific and unique appearance, the Black diamond jewelry is in huge demand. It comes in every form of wedding bracelet for bride, necklace, or earrings. Everyone buys it according to their comfort as black diamonds’ cleaning and caring are also less fussy. They are also less expensive than white or colorless diamonds.