How much do you know about Electropolishing?

If you want to know about Electropolishing, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about Electropolishing. Click here for electropolishing singapore.

Functions of an ideal polishing

  1. a) Smoothing: elimination of large-scale irregularities (size larger than 1 micron)
  2. b) Polishing: removal of small irregularities of a size smaller than hundredths of a micron.

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Electropolishing is a technique by which the smoothing of a metal surface is achieved, causing it to act as the anode of an electrolytic cell, dissolving the irregularities that the surface may have. The roughness of said surface conducts a greater amount of electricity than the rest, so that in those areas the material will dissolve more quickly, resulting in a smoother surface. Visit this site for electropolishing singapore.

Advantages over mechanical polishing

When a surface is subjected to mechanical polishing, using abrasive material on pulleys to obtain a surface free of roughness and gloss, an area on the surface of the material is created, several microns thick, in which the characteristics of the metal are altered. In mechanical polishing, the material that is part of the “peaks” is forced into the “valleys.” In this way, in the layer of deformed material, we can find oxides of the metal in question, and traces of paste used for polishing. This layer then has different physical and chemical properties than the base metal, and this may favor the corrosion of the material in the future.

Other advantages of this procedure

– You can treat irregular and large pieces, in a short time, and with labor savings.

– Increases the corrosion resistance of the piece in question.

– Reduces the tendency of solid and liquids to stick to the surface of the metal, facilitating cleaning and draining.