The Dos and Dont’s: What Can be Done When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor is every homeowner’s dream. Not only is it lasts a lifetime but it’s also splendid to look at. Cleaning it isn’t hard at all since all you need to do is sweep and polish. You might use cleaning equipment or any liquid products; it wouldn’t hurt a nail out of your fingers. However, there are certain things that can ruin a perfect hardwood floor and this much is true.

A hardwood floor came from actual wood – no matter what its finishing is – there will be certain things that can damage it. Since there are so many hearsays on what and what not to do when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, it’s a bit difficult to really know the perfect way to take care of a hardwood floor. But you can read it from here –  things you should remember while you do it:

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You must first know how your hardwood floor is sealed

There are different kinds of sealant that can be used for hardwood and by determining which one was used on yours, it would be easy to know how to take care of your floor. Furthermore, some sealants that can be maintained with just mopping and with water. But there are others cannot be maintained with only the basic necessities; some needs a very specific amount of cleaning materials such as bona hardwood floor cleaner.


You can ask your provider before you purchase or order a hardwood.


Never use wax or oils since it will leave residues, plus, these things are quite smelly. It will stay up in the air for a while.


Use only cleaning products that are recommended by your floor provider. They know the material well enough to provide you with professional advice.


Never use a very wet mop if you’re mopping a floor. You must always wring the mop complete after you soak it until it is damp. You can proceed with the work once you’re really sure that you have gotten rid of all the excess water.


When taking care of your hardwood floor, you should always remember the ways on how you should be able to keep it good as new. Simple water just doesn’t do well – since most hardwood floors can be damaged by it even if you’re using vinegar. To be safe, keep in mind the dos and donts or better yet, check with your hardwood provider to ensure of its quality and maintenance.