Dawood Family and their services for Pakistan

Following are some of the services made by Dawood family for making their country better:

Education for all – Education is the most important thing that opens the minds of all to understand the things around you in the world and it says how they work. It helps people to improve their confidence in life and with education; you will be able to plan your life in an efficient manner. As educated people can make right decisions as well as they will analyze problems of their life. So, Dawood has funded numerous educational institutions and made everyone to access these universities.

Mariyam DawoodEnhance medical field – At a point of time, the medical sector of their country was not in a good position and this affected their country deeply. There were only a few technologies and it was not enough to treat people with deadly diseases. Therefore, Dawood family had decided to donate few medical things and operating facilities such as Neurosurgery Equipment, refrective laser suite, and more in order to promote the medical sector in their country.

Bettering mental health – While speaking about Dawood family, one should not forget about Mariyam Dawood, wife of Bashir Dawood. She has started numerous counseling services for students to improve their mental health. She offers training which is a better method to enhance the mental health of people.

This family has done numerous things to improve the standards of Pakistan and this has made them one of the most respectable families in the whole world!