Do You Like Chocolate? Yes, Everyone Likes It! Know About Chocolate Cake Delivery

Do you need an urgent birthday gift? Do you want to gift chocolate carving? Then don’t get worried that Singapore delivery services help you place an order for the chocolates online anytime, and you can get the best chocolate delivered to your location within a short period. They deliver all types of products, from decadent dark chocolate to gift hampers of gourmet chocolate. They provide full insurance that all the products are packed safely and delivered to your booster as much fast as possible.

Chocolate delivery services in Singapore

The chocolate cake delivery services provided in Singapore deliver the product at that moment after getting the order. The delivery charge is nearly equal to S$20 for all types of ordersplaced one working day in advance before the delivery date. The customers must sign on the slip order after receiving the product. In case of undelivered order due to absent of the recipient or any wrong address, undelivered itemered will be immediately sent to the nearest café outlet.

You may also choose to collect The product yourself within 40 hours or contact to arrange re-delivery for S$20 but within the time slot of delivery between 10 to 5 p.m. or 2 to 7:00 p.m… You should note that Third-party vendors complete all the deliveries. You will place your order anytime, and it will be weekly delivered on the next working day between 10:00 to 7:00. If you are willing to deliver your order during some specific day or time, you can inform them during the checkout time, where additional fees may be applied.

Additional delivery charge is equal to $10, which is on the top of standard delivery fee applied for the delivery to Jurong Island. Before using the product, you must check the product, and If found an issue, you may also return your order to the driver for exchange.

Is chocolate good for microbiota? How?

Many people like that chocolate as it is very good for your health. It not only reaches interesting molecules such as flavonoids, magnesium,  polyphenols and several vitamins but also keeps our microbiota healthy. Microbiota is mainly formed by east bacteria virus and fungi in the gut. These microorganisms place an important role in the Indian system of our body and maintain metabolic and digestive function. So dark chocolate improves the growth of good bacteria and is involved in anti-inflammatory action.