Is Coinbase and the GDAX the same?


The most reliable as well as the user-friendly platform for the purpose of investment to both beginners as well as the coin base. It is one of the familiar names in the domain of cryptocurrency or bitcoins. There is charge or the fees for the amount of the transaction and this depends on the payment method that is used. in the same way, gdax is the exchange of the cryptocurrency that will be allowing the people to trade which includes buying selling of the digital coins.

Establishment of the GDAX

In the previous arena, when there is a large capital for trading in crypto. The fees of the coinbase would sum up and used to put a financial dent, so there came the creation of a platform with the highly active individual traders in crypto trading and they call this as the GDAX or the global digital asset exchange. This GDAX is launched in the year 2015 and the taker fees may range from 0.1 % to 0.3 %. This depends on the capacity of the customer trading for 30 days period.



This GDAX exchange is launched for the professional or the expert or skilled traders by the Coinbase and the main or the crucial future of this GDAX is the substantial lesser fee and quicker transactions compared to the coin base. This GDAX also will allow for placing a limit order, a market order or a stop-limit order thus establishing truly complete experience for expert traders.