Lottery Of Bitcoin: The Use Of This Magical Currency!

How would you feel, if someone comes up to your parents and say “from now on you can also consider me as your son/daughter, I am quite a darker version of your child and my maintenance would also be more expensive”? Obviously, you’ll feel bad, and worst-case scenario they explored the other one, just for the sake of curiosity, and here you are wondering, that they never spent this much on you.

That’s what lottery of bitcoin is, the person who comes up to your parents, and you are, MONEY.

bitcoin walletThe criticisms faced in the arena!

It has been criticized a lot for its use in illegal covenants that happen at a level of internet deep below the sea. The level of internet we are accessing is the thin layer of water above the sea, if we take it figuratively. The remaining portion of the sea is deep web and dark web. Sounds crazy? Not yet? That level consists of an arena specially built for illegal activities, for example, ordering a hit man to kill a person. Now, sounds crazy? And how will you pay the hit man? Yes, Bitcoin.

The nature of trading online and sequence for lottery!

In the early 90s, there was this group established who used to have regular meet ups, just like old people have to discuss politics and much more, who knows even they could be in mysterious activities. Anyway, those meet ups were usually regarding mathematics, cryptography, computer science and relevant political discussion. Origins of Bitcoin are like Batman Trilogy by Nolan, because every involved thing with respect to that is legendary. It is not yet known whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a single anonymous person or a group of anonymous people who created this exquisite thing.