Bitcoin wallets – Make the Right Choice

The Bitcoin wallet has two types of information. They’re private key and public key. You need to think of the Bitcoin wallet as an email address and know how to get a bitcoin wallet. When somebody wishes to send you email, they will use your email id, right? Well, when somebody wants to send Bitcoin, they can use the public key. You may share the public keys with anybody you want. Suppose you wish to read the emails and send any new email, you can use password for opening the account. The private keys are just like password for Bitcoin. It means that you will only see your keys! There’re different types of the Bitcoin wallets.


You may use mobile phone for accessing the Bitcoin.  Some provide best mobile wallets for the iOS or Android phones. Making use of the mobile Bitcoin wallet can give you the good reason of not losing your mobile phone!



It is the software wallet, which you install straight on your PC or laptop. There is the popular desktop wallet accessible for Linux, Mac, or Windows systems. Some other desktop wallets that are worth thinking of you can find it on internet. Desktop wallets are just as safe as computer they are installed at.


This type of wallet is generally offered by the Bitcoin exchanges (I may talk about these in some time!). Internet wallets are very useful when you are buying or trading Bitcoin. You must not leave your BTC in the online wallet though.


You may store the keys on removable hardware wallet. And these are like the USB sticks for the Bitcoin. They will be costly but are very safe. The top brands that you may buy for just 80 USD or 100 USD.