Why notebooks are important in a student’s and advertising life

For some people, an empty laptop or magazine page and a luxurious pen are almost irresistible invitations to fill the page with flowing thoughts, creativity, and inspiration. For them, feathers and cards are magical. But in the eyes of others, calligraphy is an outdated form of communication that is insignificant at best and threatens to become a lost art.

Written communication already exists because people want a more permanent way of communicating what is going on between their ears. It has evolved from pictograms and letters to handwriting and keyboards.

Today, many schools no longer teach on notebooks, and writing lessons are being replaced with classes for efficiency in the classroom. Some people can try to understand YouTube video is killing their natural effort too. Needless to say, in the age of computers and smartphones, keyboards are more important than musical instruments. But will we completely lose the craftsmanship and simplicity of handwriting? Let’s check it out:-

Benefits of Handwriting 

There may be a generation of people who grew up without a clear understanding of the real benefits of pen and paper.

  • Handwriting helps develop subtle performance and coordination.
  • Noting down on the notebooks in the classroom is slower than the keyboard, but it can encourage greater intellectual investment and information processing. Studies show that learning to write is claimed to stimulate more areas of the brain: sensation, motor control, and thinking. The
  • Handwriting conveys personal style and a sense of possession.
  • Since the handwriting reflects the author’s personal style, reading requires more cognitive functions to exercise his brainpower.

Handwriting as an art

Turn handwriting into artistic expression. When you think of calligraphy, you think of diplomas and wedding invitations, but modern calligraphy can be seen in logos, inscriptions, and artwork, where the letters are recognizable or illegible. Calligraphy gives a sense of importance to communication and meets the creative needs of professionals.

If you don’t want to study, you can still find inspiration in everyday writing. When you write all the newspapers/current affairs or execution lists, it is doubtful that you will not actually experience the benefits of calligraphy.

But if you are lucky enough to write with pen on paper in any way, then do it! If you think the manuscript notes are more meaningful, please express your gratitude. If you think calligraphy has played an important role in your advertising, please find an artist. Although digital communication is more efficient and is certainly the future of communication, sometimes fashion is just better, and handwriting may last forever.