What do you understand by term permanent residency (PR)? Explain their benefits

The resident status of any person in a country is known by his permanent residency. PR does not mean that a person is a citizen of the country while they have all the right to live based on permanent people. This normally occurs for a fixed period; an individual with such condition is called a permanent resident. In few countries, these people are known with the lawful permanent residents on official papers. Permanent residence is differing from the right of residence in itself that abandon migration control for these people. There are several benefits for people to get PR in Singapore. The government provides much easiness for PR holders to live in the country. If you need to get PR, you must fulfill all the Singapore PR requirements so that the government can allow you to issue the card. As an outsider, you are eligible to apply for PR in Singapore:

  • If your spouse is a citizen of the country or having a permanent resident card.
  • Unmarried children under the age of 21 have been born in the condition of a legal marriage, legally adopted by the citizen or permanent resident people of the country.
  • The key requirement of getting PR is that a person must be working in a country while applying for it.
  • Old age parents of Singapore citizens.
  • The children who are studying in the country can apply for PR.
  • Outsider investors in the country are eligible to apply for PR.

Singapore Pr Application

A permanent resident card is issued in the form of a plastic card that includes the person’s biographic info, photograph, fingerprints, and expiry date of the issued card. The card permits the person to work and live freely all over the country. Usually, the card expires after ten years.

The government of Singapore fulfills the critical and strict necessities in various schemes available in all PR applications. If somebody needs to be a permanent PR in Singapore, he must read and understand all eligibility criteria. Singapore allowed people to get PR if he fulfills any single required category:

  • If a person has Employment pass for the country to work
  • Any outsider student come to the country to study
  • Investors come to the country and invests in any business field.

A person who is applying for the permanent resident must possess appropriate educational training or any professional experience in any field. A person, that contributes the country’s ats or cultural scene can get the PR card.

Getting a permanent resident card in Singapore gives you the benefit of living, entering, or leaving the country without applying visa for work or travel.