Carbon Management and Its Importance

Climate change has been listed as the high risks to the global businesses across the world. This is reason, green energy solution and carbon management is very important for the company who wants to stay competitive in economy today. The carbon management is a process of measuring & reducing CO2 or carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions that are related to your workings, including the supply chain. When it is done efficiently, carbon management offers several benefits. Here are some biggest carbon management benefits to look at:

Reduce the operating costs

The obvious benefit of the carbon management is it will save your company money. How? Majority of the steps that companies take for reducing the carbon emissions result in the costs reduction. Reducing the usage of energy shrinks the carbon footprint and utility bill.

Meet customer demands

Consumers today have voiced their concerns about carbon footprint of any products or services that they buy. Around, 45% of the shoppers will be ready to stop buying the favourite brands in case they refused committing to measuring the product carbon footprint. Thus, 75% of the companies think consumers as the important drivers of the risks or opportunities related to the carbon emissions from the products and services.

Enhance  brand perception

The effective carbon management will influence the brand perception — and how consumers feel, think, as well as react to the company — and, how much they are keen to pay for the product and service. Around 56% of the people said that they will be loyal to the brand in case they can see it was taking some steps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Carbon Management and Its Importance

React to the investor pressure

The consumers are not the ones who truly care about the organization’s carbon emissions. Surprisingly, investors are also concerned about carbon footprint of the portfolio. Suppose any investor owns 1 percent of the company, investor owns 1% of company’s carbon emissions. Thus, many investors are now diverting their capital away from the inefficient and carbon-heavy organizations to those taking right steps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Comply with the regulations

Now, there are more than 1,260 climate laws across the world —20X increase from 1997. Or, in other way, number of the climate laws has also doubled each 4 to 5 years. The huge number of laws focuses on reducing the carbon emissions (penalizing the companies who ever fail in doing so). To comply with growing number of the regulations, companies do not have to just implement the most effective carbon management policy but report and document on the efforts. 

Final Words

Now that you have seen different ways that carbon management program will benefit your company, you will have to learn about the carbon management.