Revamp BTC ToINR: For Safe Transaction

BTC is also known as Bitcoin, a Cryptocurrency which is digital money with strong encryption to protect the online transfer of money. Bitcoin is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange directly between the two parties without the intervention of any third parties like government or private agency. INR is also known as Indian Rupee, which is an official currency issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Unlike BTC, INR is controlled by RBI. 1 btc to inr is approximately Rs. 514,093.09/-

More safe and secure mode of payment: BTC or INR

Bitcoin is free from the intervention of government and other third parties, which makes it less safe and secure. Whereas INR is more safe and secure than any kind of Cryptocurrency since it is controlled and issued by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

Bitcoin is discouraged by the government as Bitcoin is used in black marketing, money laundering, illegal activities, tax evasion, hackers, and even by terrorists since it does not provide any official record to the Indian Government. Whereas, RBI carefully looks at each transaction made in Indian Rupee. Hence, the government encourages us to move from btc to inr to make the fund transfer safe and secure.

btc to inr

Working Principle of BTC and INR

Bitcoin works on the principle of peer-to-peer technology, which makes the transfer of funds very easy and fast. On the other hand, Indian Rupee required the intervention of government and other third parties, which make its fund transfer litter slower as compared to Bitcoin.


Since Bitcoin is a digital asset that requires an online mode of the transaction without the intervention of the government and other third parties make it as a self-benefit to the involved parties whereas the Indian Rupee is an official asset issued and controlled by the RBI for the mutual benefit of the government and parties involved.