Ways of Properly Maintaining Your Car

Cars, whether brand new or second hand, are always considered as an investment. They are the fruits of your long hours of work and labor. Thus, they can also be a symbol of your success. However, buying and owning a car does not stop there. Since a car is an investment, it should be properly taken care of. When you drive your car, it also speaks of yourself and who you are.

Now, here are basic tips for properly maintaining your car. (Click here for used car price):

1.)   Handle With Care

This is the very basic principle in properly maintaining your car. When you drive, do not be an unruly driver. Always be mindful of the sides, front, and rear of your car especially during heavy traffic and when entering narrow roads or alley. Do not make sudden turns with the wheel. Steer gently. Do not be “heavy-handed.” When you close the doors, trunk, hood, and switch buttons and controls, do it in a gentle way otherwise those parts would loosen.

2.)   Proper Grooming

Remember in your grade school years when the teacher would always remind you to take a shower, wear clean and ironed clothes? Well, big boys groom themselves and their toys. Always keep your car clean especially during rainy days. Keep the interior orderly and do a vacuum on the mats and floor. It is better to use power-hose in cleaning the chassis and underneath to remove mud. Dirty underneath makes easy build upon corrosion and rust. Use cotton-based rags so as not to make scratches on the paint. Also, buff if necessary and use wax protectant and tire black to look brand new.

3.)   Change Oil

It’s not only about looking brand new. The most important part of maintaining a car is to make its performance always on the go. Make sure that you regularly change your car’s engine oil. Why? Because engine oil gets thick and dirty. Just imagine the human body with a lot of cholesterol. Nobody wants that right? Same with cars too. Make a record when was the last time you did change the oil. Usually, every 5,000 kilometers or 3,106.8 miles. It depends also on how much you use your car.

4.)   Tires

Another most important part is the tires. Follow the instructions on the car manual on how much tire pressure you should put. Keep them monitored. The life span of a tire is six months.

 5.)   Regular check-up

Make a regular visit to the auto repair shop. Always check your brakes. Make sure that the cooling systems are always working. Check if there is any leakage and grounded electrical system. Make sure that the lights are bright enough. Bolts and screws should well-oiled.

Learning how to properly maintain your car is a life hack. It does not only help you prolong your car’s lifespan but will also help you save money. Do not take it for granted especially if it concerns your safety. Remember! THINGS THAT ARE TAKEN CARED, LAST. Don’t forget to check out the used and junk cars price.