How to scrap a car and not lose it? Don’t be fooled and get a premium for OC

You pay for compulsory liability insurance as long as it exists and is your property, the subject of insurance, i.e., your car. If you scratch them, you should recover part of the premium for the unused period of insurance. Scrapping the vehicle? Be careful that the ” used Holden parts in Perth scrap metal” does not get a refund for you!

Scrapping the car and refunding the premium for liability insurance

To understand the heart of the problem, look at the difference between selling a vehicle to someone for recycling or scrapping it. In both cases, you get money for the vehicle, but the similarities end there. When you give your car to scrap for dismantling and cutting, it ceases to be a car by law. There is no registration anymore; you cannot drive it. It becomes steel with an admixture of plastics and non-ferrous metals, and the most important thing is that this is . what the dismantling station pays for. In one sentence: you sell scrap metal that used Holden parts in Perth  but is not anymore when it is accepted for dismantling.

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This results in your reimbursement of the civil liability premium for the unused period of insurance, which you are entitled to because you were the last owners of the vehicle, and you cannot insure and charge a fee for something that no longer exists. You pay the premium in advance, but every unused day counts for reimbursement (Article 42 of the Compulsory Insurance Act, which spoke about rounding to full months). If you have paid civil liability for the whole year, you are entitled to a refund of the premium for the period from scrapping the vehicle to the end of the insurance period. To recover the overpayment, all you need is a disassembly or deregistration certificate, which confirms that the car no longer exists (without scrapping it could not be deregistered).

Car scrapping – how much do they pay for a car wreck?

Putting the car for scrap is a good way to recover some more money from the old and no longer needed item. How much do they pay for scrap metal for your vehicle wreck? It all depends on its weight. Only a few years ago, for a vehicle the size of Fiat Cinquecento, you could get an amount of 500 zlotys. Currently, scrap prices have gone down, and for scrapping the wreckage of such a vehicle, you can get half as much, or about PLN 250. For a larger car, the size of a compact, you can count on getting around PLN 400.

What is important, if your old car is still suitable for a further operation (e.g., requires the only renovation), it is worth considering selling such a wreck for a short while. However, remember to take a good look at the contract. What to watch out for You will read in the next paragraph.