How to interpret VIN number in details

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) includes an individual set of letters and numbers that provide specific information regarding a motorcycle, or vehicle. VIN number can provide information where the automobile was manufactured, the manufacturer’s identity, engine size, the brand, and much more. Here is some technique you can apply to interpret your VIN number:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Breakdown

VIN number consists of 17 characters both letters and numbers. Start by dividing these characters into three groups namely:

  1. World-Manufacturer-Identifier
  2. Vehicle-Descriptor-Section
  3. Vehicle-Identifier-Section

You can become VIN interpreting expert if you learn to go through the entire 17 positions.

  1. World-Manufacturer-Identifier (WMI)

WMI is the first three numbers and letters of VIN number, which include a very first letter that tells about the region the automobile was manufactured. The second number or letter combined with a first number or letter explains where the car was produced. A third letter or number is usually used by the automobile manufacturer to recognize the type of car it is. It can be either a bus, car, truck or whatever automotive.

  1. Vehicle-Descriptor-Section (VDS)

VDS is Numbers and letters in the fourth position through nine. The information from VDS offers detailed data about the automobile itself.

vin number

Positions 4 to 8

These positions provide the model of the vehicle, body type, engine type and so on. Each vehicle manufacture usually uses unique codes. Therefore, you can refer to the automotive manufacturer to order these codes for your vehicle.

Position nine is a digit for VIN check which you can calculate mathematically to know if it’s the right VIN.

  1. Vehicle-Identifier-Section (VIS)

VIS is numbers and letters ten via 17. VIS provide the information like when the car was manufactured, the available options and much more. The 10th number and letter tell about the vehicle model year. You can see that every letter and number has been given to two different years. If you want to know the exact one that applies to the VIN, then look at the seventh number and letter in the VIN.

Position 11 to 17

Position 11 to 17 is where an automobile industry enters exclusive information about a particular vehicle that belongs to VIN. The assembly plant name, more options are added, which differs from one company to another. Therefore, you should find extra details from automobile manufacture site.


Window stickers also have some more information about your vehicle. Check if there is any sign of a vin number. To find it much easier, use Research-Maniacs-VIN lookup.