How do people get themselves into trouble in real life?

Do you still live with a guy beside my house who is too late no no such important guidance and ignores all the important guidelines. People need to understand that people who know all the important things can get into a huge amount of problems in their life in the future and not only that the family can get into trouble as well. Remind me to turn off all these things, not going to solve any problems or is like this man who you always use to ignore all such policies and never used to go for total car check speaking to me problems right now in his life. Simply start of the industrial revolution in the use of coal in petrol has been used by all the people all around the world and due to this there has been So many people who have lost their lives because of a pollution think and we can’t ignore the fact that these things need to use amount of air pollution and silver using distinct as energy resource in the 21st century along with their total car check  thing and despite all such technologies and in the various field has been grown over the years we have people to introduce  Any new form of energy that will going to help us replace call petroleum. There are so many people who are studying the same thing and heart searching for ways in which we can find out the source of energy.  But the thing that cool and petroleum will be doing for us for so many years we haven’t been able to find any other replacement for such an important resource in our life.

What is the most asked question that people generally question to all these people out there?

The most important question is one certificate to replenish what we will going to do of a dad because if we can find a replacement now until that point when these things get x 10 things will become very difficult for us and it will become very difficult for us to reach from one point to another point in the world which is very much possible in today’s date and people are using full views of all these facilities that is being provided to them along with all these  facility that they will going to get in there total car check facility.