Car Safety For Baby Passengers: Your #1 Priority In Choosing A Car

Having a new baby changes everything – especially when it comes to your vehicle choices. All you would want is to make sure that you provide the protection and safety that your newborn needs during your travels. For expecting and new parents, choosing a new car to accommodate the baby can be both exciting and confusing. When it comes to a car for a baby, the basics to consider are car-seat installation, cargo, passenger, and the overall safety of the car.

Safety Is Your #1 Priority

A piece of advice for car shoppers is that it should not only be about aesthetics and performance. Car safety is a very important issue that you should never take for granted. You will have a tiny human with you and parents should know all about the crash test ratings. Parents should also know about the top safety picks and features that a car should have to keep the family, especially the small baby safe.

  • Blind Spot Monitor. This feature will alert you of other vehicles that you cannot see on your side and rearview mirrors. This is additional information that you need especially if you choose to have a large vehicle. This is also important for parents whose attention easily diverts from the road.
  • Back-Up Camera. When you are going in reverse, you need to see what’s behind you. This is why it is highly recommended for new parents to have back-up cameras to avoid backover crashes and minor accidents caused by backing up in a busy street. As of 2018, car manufacturers are now required to install back-up cameras in all the new car models.

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  • Feature To Prevent Crashes. Nowadays, many vehicle models offer features that will add to the protection against crashes. These are forward and rear collision warning, lane departure warning and prevention, as well as auto brakes. So when choosing a car, make sure that you consider these features.
  • Parking Sensors. Sure you are an expert in parking your vehicle, but it would still be great if you have parking sensors that can alert you if there are objects in your path while you are parking your car. This feature is very essential especially for urban parents who usually have to parallel park their vehicles.
  • Tracktion Control Systems. This feature can help monitor the speed of each of your wheels. It will automatically apply the brakes to the wheel that is spinning faster than the others. This way, it can prevent hydroplaning even when under snowy or heavy rain conditions. If you choose to have a larger vehicle, this feature is an important feature to consider.

So if you are still on the hunt in finding the best car for your growing family, you can always visit car dealerships where you can find a variety of vehicles – from SUVs, sedans, vans, and even lease return trucks. In addition, these tips can help you in choosing a car perfect for your growing family.